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Enhance Your Lifestyle and Your Income

As a Fashion Blogger and Beauty Enthusiast I show women how to keep their coins in their pocket with affordable fashion finds and easy beauty and wellness tips.  Most don’t know that as a Blogger you don’t always start out making money. In fact most spend years writing about their favorite boutiques and brands giving out free marketing without realizing their influence and learning how to turn it into a profit. That was my reality while holding down jobs that were boring and unfulfilling.  In September 2015, I took a leap of faith on an opportunity that showed me how to leverage my social media platforms and increase my blogs awareness and create an additional source of income.  It was no different than what I and most of you all do with big brand names using their products and sharing our love for them with our social community, family, and friends.  But now, I was able to generate real income from it.

I have since been able to help other women rebuild confidence through looking good and feeling good with glowing skin, growing hair, snatched waist, and a overall healthier lifestyle.

The most rewarding part of it all is that I am now in a position to help more people take their gifts and marry it to an opportunity that will help them create residual income for themselves. 

Create a Business around Your Lifestyle

Enhance your lifestyle and create additional income all at the same time? 
Run a business tailored around your lifestyle while building a life of financial freedom? 
The ability to travel the world while running your business from literally anywhere? 
Stay home with your kids while providing a better life for them? 
Learn how to leverage your existing businesses with a successful lifestyle brand? 

If this sounds like you, you're in the right place!
What to expect from joining...

SISTERHOOD ~ A community of over 800 like-minded women to lean on, learn from, and grown with.

 SELF DEVELOPMENT ~ Guidance through spiritual, personal, and professional growth.

 TRAINING ~ One on one and group trainings dedicated to customizing your business around your lifestyle while achieving personal goals.

FINANCIAL FREEDOM ~ Learn tips on how to minimize your debt and increase your income. 

Newark, NJ
Joining Topshelf Society has been a great uplifting experience. I must admit that I had my doubts on if I'd be as succesful but having a sisterhood of encouraging women consistently motivating one another, really helps me find my way. And having Summer follow up with me and having our weekly huddles helps me stay on track. 
Brooklyn, NY
Joining Topshelf Society has helped create a better life for myself personally and professionally. I'm able to step outside my fear of succeeding and to utilize my gift God has given me being a leader and genuinely helping others and inspiring those who want a better life as well but don't know how to go about it. Topshelf Society came as a savior and I thank you Summer for opening the door for me to succeed and learn how to be a well rounded entrepreneur. 
Houston, TX
When I first started with Topshelf society I was nervous and scared. I thought "this can't be real". As time went on and being able to connect with a awesome Mentor, which Summer is, She gives great encouragement, shows drive, and also makes sure I am on my toes to achieve my goals. I am truly confident, ambitious, excited, and so glad I joined Topshelf Society!
Detroit, MI
My experience with Topshelf Society has been AWESOME! I work with an amazing group of women who share the same common goals and aspirations. I love the bond we have and how we uplift each other! These women are phenomenal!!!! Best decision I ever made by joining the team! I so love these women and kudos to Summer for being a "Topshelf" leader!
"having a sisterhood of encouraging women, consistently motivating once another really helps me find my way"
- Cher
"I'm able to step outside my fears of succeeding and to utilize my gift God has given me"
- Tamika
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